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All about Helen and Twice Exceptional
Helen Trethewey is a regular presenter at conferences and offers practical advice on learning differences

I am an experienced International educator with a passion for supporting students and parents of twice exceptional learners. I have worked in education for over 29 years in the UK, Belgium, Hong Kong, Vietnam and now Sweden.


I am a dyslexia specialist and trained assessor.  I understand the needs of children and families in the International context and I am able to offer practical advice about resources and services.  I have also been a speaker at major educational events in Hong Kong and Asia.

As someone who is dyslexic, I live many of the challenges you and your family may be facing.  I understand the frustrations of being misunderstood and overlooked at school.  I also know how exhausting everyday life can be.  I share advice in through webinars and articles and I offer practical solutions which can be a lifeline.

" Twice Exceptional Learners are those who are highly able in one or more areas but also have learning differences.  This means that they are often misunderstood.  Their abilities are often over looked as those around them focus on their difficulties rather than their talents"

     Helen Trethewey 
International Educator
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